Polaroid Eyewear design and manufacture glare-free sunglasses with the highest level of UV protection possible and outstanding quality. Since we want more people to see more in life and experience the unbeatable comfort that polarized lenses provide, we"e;ll never charge extra for them.

It all started with a Harvard dropout.
In the mid 1920s, Edwin Land was a young and talented academic who dropped out from Harvard to pursue his dreams. As many other pioneers before him, he left for New York City. Lacking funds but bursting with ideas, he would sneak into a laboratory at Columbia University to use their equipment to validate his theories. He invented the fist inexpensive polarized film in New York before returning to Harvard. In 1929 Edward had his invention of modern filters to polarize light patented and went on to produce them for use in sunglasses, automobile headlights and photography. In 1937 he founded the Polaroid Corporation that gained fame through a landmark invention of the 20th century - the instant camera. The findings of Edwin Land still are the basis of how polarized lenses are manufactured by Polaroid Eyewear today.


A Rocket Start

In 1937, the newly founded Polaroid Corporation sells their first pair of sunglasses. And this is only the beginning. Two years later at the New York World's Fair in 1939, Polaroid showcases the first 3D movie glasses. polarized lens technology and sunglasses.


Polarization in the Air

Polaroid's Air Force and sport goggles made with Polaroid® lenses are worn by celebrities and war heroes alike.


State of the Art

In 1950, Polaroid Eyewear launches the Cool Ray sunglass generation, the best sunglasses yet, made to protect the eyes from reflected glare.


Shaping the 20th Century

The unique Windsor rimmed sunglass models launched by Polaroid become a new benchmark for 60's lifestyle. On another tip, Polaroid produces its 4 millionth instant camera in 1962.


More inventions

As of 1972, Polaroid Eyewear use a unique and exclusive press polishing technology to make premium optical-class polarized lenses. New inventions like the first Polamatic styles and polarized gradient lenses emerge, having long-term influence on the market.


Style icons

In 1985 Polaroid launches aviator styles with interchangeable lenses in collaboration with tennis star Boris Becker. Kenneth Grange, renowned designer from Pentagram Design Partner, designs the unique IMAGE style.


Greater Visions

The polarized PTX4000 lens is launched using Polaroid's unique Press polishing Technology. Production expands with the second high capacity lens production wheel at the Vale of Leven, Scotland.


Ultimate Technology

The new UltraSight™ premium polarized lenses are developed and introduced, using Polaroid's exclusive technology.