Polaroid Eyewear's true story began during the mid-1920s when its founder’s brilliant imagination and fascination with light led to an invention that would eventually impact the world - the invention of the polarized lens.

The film begins with our founder’s road to innovation, which was no easy feat for the young college dropout. It was one only someone with his ambition, intellect and optimism could accomplish.

With a vision for a better, more clear world, our charismatic founder demonstrates the magic behind his invention, sparking the imagination of his audience.


From this moment, we move into a visually titillating and entertaining montage through time. Each scene demonstrates the many ways Polaroid Eyewear’s technology has enhanced the way we see and experience the world, from the 1930s to today.

Perhaps most importantly, this story embodies the creative and optimistic spirit that Polaroid Eyewear was founded upon and that continues to inspire today.